Who We Are


Executive Council



Membership of the association shall consist of persons who subject to the requirements of the Constitution have been accepted for membership by the Executive Council.

  1. Membership Eligibility:
    Membership shall be open to a bona fide resident of Canada who is.
    1. Is a Sri Lankan Malay as defined in Article IV.[a] of the Constitution, or
    2. A non-Malay spouse of a Sri Lankan Malay.

  2. Membership Categories
    1. Ordinary Member:
      A member not belonging to any one of the categories in (ii) thru (v) below will be deemed to be an ordinary member.
    2. Student Member:
      Student membership is open to a person in full time education. A student member under the age of 18 (eighteen) years is not entitled to vote or hold office.
    3. Life Membership:
      Life Membership may be granted to an Ordinary Member who, after one year of Ordinary Membership, makes a donation to the association as determined by the Executive Council.
    4. Honorary Life Member:
      An Ordinary Member who has rendered meritorious service to the Association and who has been associated with it for a period of at least 10 (ten) years may be considered for Honorary Life Membership. Such Membership shall be recommended by the Executive Council and conferred at a General Meeting. The number of Honorary Life Members shall not exceed 5 (five) at any time.

  3. Membership Application:
    All applications for membership shall be made on a prescribed Membership Application Form and submitted to the Executive Council for consideration.